SAS 2016 Good Friday Appeal

Welcome to the Stand Against Slavery (SAS) 2016 Good Friday Appeal Page.

The Christian community each Easter remembers the crucifixion, death and resurection of Jesus Christ. This commemoration event was portrayed powerfully in the movie by Mel Gibson called The Passion of the Christ.  On the first Good Friday Christ dies on a cross. His death was the ultimate sacrifice by God that broke the chains that held us back from being able to relate to him.

Stand Against Slavery is in the business of breaking the chains of physical exploitation, slavery and human trafficking and giving people an opportunity to support our work in a small but meaningful way. It was Good Friday 2014 that saw the formal confirmation of SAS being accepted as a charity in New Zealand, so it has a number of strands of significance for us.

As we approach Easter this year we have an opportunity to reflect on what freedom means for us personally and also for those who are enslaved in New Zealand and around the world. It is also an important opportunity for you to give generously to our work. Please do so by selecting you preferred donation option below.

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