Welcome to the Christian resource page of Stand Against Slavery (SAS).

SAS, which was birthed in 2013 from within the family of Baptist Churches in New Zealand, pursues justice from a Christian worldview. To find out more specifically what that worldview looks like please click here (please note this explanation has been written so anyone, Christian or not, can read it without being judged).

Here you will find links to specifically Christian based resources either produced by SAS or by people around the globe with a focus on mobilising the Christian church. We also want to post specific articles that are written from a Christian perspective.

Please feel free to download any resources you find useful. We are always looking for great resources to post so please contact us so we can share those resources with others.

Annual Reports

When Stand Against Slavery (SAS) was established in 2013 it was in response to the question, “What is a missional response to slavery and human trafficking for New Zealand Baptists?” SAS launched was launched as a Baptist justice initiative at the annual gathering of Baptist Churches in New Zealand on Friday 8 November 2013, a joint venture by the New Zealand Baptist Missionary Society and the Baptist Union of New Zealand.

Each year an Annual Report is released in two versions.

The first version of the Annual Report is a general public version for all people who have been involved and interested in the work of this New Zealand charity. The second version includes extra pages that specifically relate to this Baptist justice initiative. These reports can review online as follows:




Academic Papers

The purpose of this page is to provide some academic theological orientated papers for those interested in more deeply understanding the issue of slavery and human trafficking and a christian response.

Papers by Stand Against Slavery

 Title: Forced & Bonded Migrant Labour Gripping New Zealand: A Clarion Call for the Church of New Zealand to Respond. Author: Peter Mihaere Date: December 2014 File: PDF

This paper forms part of Peter’s Masters programme at Fuller Theological Seminary on Global Leadership (MAGL). This was a case study he submitted as part of a paper that explored Missional Engagement with Contemporary Culture.

Papers by others

Other Resources

Our intent it to provide, on a regular basis, resources for churches and followers of Jesus to be better equipped in fighting for a slave free world.

If you have any resources that you have found or developed please do not hesitate to email to offer them up for consideration to be included.


Some meditations that you, your group or your church might like to reflect on:


During 2013 Peter Mihaere during his sabbatical wrote a lament. At the launch of SAS and as he speaks in churches he often encourages people to take this lament and reflect on what God might be saying to them. File: PDF

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