SAS Advocacy

SAS Advocacy is about resourcing individuals, groups and organisations that want to be actively involved in fighting for a slave free world.

A key service SAS Advocacy provides is matching people to appropriate organisations that can facilitate their active involvement. SAS Advocacy will support, but also challenge, Government of its obligations both nationally and internationally in terms of helping the vulnerable in our communities who are being exploited, enslaved, or trafficked against their will. If we are better coordinated and resourced we will have a better chance to combat the sophisticated criminal network that drives slavery and the slave trade around the world.

A key domestic advocacy contribution is the involvement with the New Zealand Network Against People Trafficking (NZNAPT). Peter Mihaere has recently been appointed to the Steering Committee and charged with the responsibility of re-invigorating the network along with other Steering Committee members.

Creating Connections

One SAS’s key roles is to help create connections in the fight for a slave free world. Connections like:

Government  Business Enterprise

Individuals  Anti-Slavery Organisations

Anti-slavery Organisations  Government

Education Institutions  Community Groups

Enforcement Agencies  Victim Support Groups

Stand Against Slavery is here to help you connect with the right people, all around the world.

We only recommend organisations we know, or we have specifically investigated to establish their value and authenticity. We also recommend following directory.

Global Modern Slavery Directory


Research is a critical component of advocating for a slave free world.

SAS has been part of the Human Trafficking Research Coalition, established in 2013, and who commissioned the University of Auckland to study the level of worker exploitation across New Zealand.

In December 2016 this researched was published to the public and presented to government representations. To view the report please go to the Worker Exploitation Website.

Raising Awareness

If you Google “modern slavery” you come across millions of websites. If you troll through page after page you will find lots of information and causes worthy of your support, but it can get overwhelming.

Our suggestion is that you start with SAS’s website, blog and Facebook page. Here we only promote resources we believe will be helpful for you.

We are planning to put further links to resources here as they become available.

Engaging Government

For any successful eradication of slavery and human trafficking it is important to engage with government.

New Zealand Government

SAS does that through building relationships with agencies with the Government of New Zealand.

In October 2016, SAS was appointed to the Consulting Group on Trafficking in Persons (CGTIP), a partnership between the New Zealand Government and non-government organisations (NGOs). The CGTIP will seek to prevent trafficking, protect victims and prosecute offenders.

SAS, from time to time, makes public submissions to government in response to legislative changes. The most recent submissions are listed below.

Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption Legislations Bill 2014

Written Joint Submission (submitted 11 February 2015)
Oral Submission by Peter Mihaere (delivered March 2015)

NZ Parliament Process Tracking of this Bill to Enactment.

Comment: Disappointingly, the Select Committee chose not to adopt any of the recommendation made by SAS and collaborative partners.

US State Departments Trafficking In Persons Report
Annually SAS makes submissions to the annual Trafficking in Persons Report as invited by the US Consulate to New Zealand. Our submissions are listed below:

2017 TIP Report Submission

2016 TIP Report submission

2015 TIP Report submission

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