We gather around a common belief that all humans are made in the image of the Creator God.  It follows then, that every human has certain unalienable rights that should never be contravened.

We believe that chief among these rights, is the right to be free, or as the UN Declaration of Human Rights puts it: ‘no one shall be held in slavery or servitude…’ [1].

We believe the only way to rid our world of the tyranny of slavery is for those with power to work together for those who are yet to have power.  Our purpose, our why, is to stand together for as long as is necessary to see a slave free world.


We are convinced that there are five essential ingredients – collaboration; knowledge; spotlight; action; and strength – to creating an environment for a slave free world, and we are committed to investing everything we have to ensuring these five ingredients flourish in our world.


We believe our unique contribution is one layer back from the frontline. If we can connect government with civil society; the general public with frontline organisations; business with enforcement agencies; and survivors with support providers, we are doing our jobs. We achieve this through SAS Advocacy and SAS Consulting.



We will never achieve a slave-free world working as individuals.

We are committed to being an intentional collaborating organisation within the anti-slavery movement both locally and globally.


From international accords, to collaborative theory, to who is doing what and where, on the slave and abolition sides; knowledge is a key weapon in the war against slavery.


Evil exists in the shadows. We will turn the lights on. We are committed to exposing the conditions that allow for slavery at every level of society, all the way from foreign government policy to domestic buyer behaviour.


Knowledge without action is untenable. We will act to conquer and remove slavery from its oppressive throne.


This war will not be won in a generation. It is essential that those who join the fight remain strong and healthy psychologically, emotionally, and physically. It is also essential that our structures, systems, organisation, and leadership is sustainable for the duration of the fight.


SAS Consulting

SAS Consulting provides advice and resources to both the public and private sectors on a professional consulting basis. . SAS Consulting will provide the facilitation skill and resources in order for solutions to have permanent sustainable outcomes.

SAS Advocacy

SAS Advocacy is about resourcing individuals, groups and organisations that want to be actively involved in fighting for a slave free world. A key service the SAS Advocacy provides is matching people to appropriate organisations that can facilitate their active involvement.


Estimated Slaves
in the World
Estimated Slaves
in New Zealand
Billion in
Cost of
a Slave

1. The estimated number of slaves around the world and in NZ is sourced from the Global Slavery Index (2018) and partnership Reports from International Labour Organisation (2017).
2. The estimated annual revenue generated from slavery is sourced from the International Labour Organisation (2017).
3. The estimated cost of a slave is calculated from the research conducted by Siddharth Kara in his book Modern Slavery: A Global Perspective (2017).

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