A singer songwriter came to SAS one day and offered his talent in the fight for a slave free New Zealand. The music video above is the result.

So here is your first task… watch the video and be inspired to dig a little deeper, love a little wider, sing a little louder “Not In Our Backyard”!

Welcome to the
2017 Not In Our Backyard Campaign

This campaign seeks to do three things:

  1. Increase your awareness about the issues of worker exploitation, slavery and human trafficking in New Zealand.
  2. Give you options on how to be actively get involved in the fight for a slave free New Zealand.
  3. Donate to the work and effort of Stand Against Slavery (SAS), an organisation that has a significant voice and collaborator across New Zealand.

In this years campaign we hear Raj and Vula’s story and the work SAS is doing in working with other NGO’s and the government in combatting this growing issue here in New Zealand.

Churches / Denominations

We are inviting Churches to run a low key campaign through the inserting of a campaign card in your weekly news bulletin on a week of your choosing.

We see the connection between the work of setting people free and the redemption story portrayed during Easter and would recommend using Good Friday as an ideal campaign day. Of course, we realise that this will not suit every participating church and the resources can be used in any way and at any time, that works for your context.

Community Groups

Community groups could include any type of group that gathers people together and who want to focus on this particular issue. Examples of groups could include: school classes; guides or scouts; social clubs; neighbourhood groups; Lions or Rotary or Zonta; Sports Teams; NGO’s; Work teams or departments; businesses; exercise groups… the options are endless.

We invite your group to review the resources here and create a little campaign of your own and raise awareness and funds for the fight for a slave free world. This can be run at anytime of your choosing. We would love for you to let us know what you have been doing so we can share your great efforts with everyone else.


You may or may not be part of a group or church, or you just feel very passionate about this that you want explore this issue and the resources here on your own, that’s fantastic.

Actually, you won’t be alone, rather you’ll be part of a community of tens of thousands around the world who are intentionally getting themselves informed about the issue of slavery and human trafficking and participating in the fight for a slave free world.

If this is you… Welcome and we invite you to join the fight!

Stand Against Slavery | Not In Our Backyard Campaign